It's Christmas time. Two business men walk down a busy street. The taller man speaks.

"There is no music in money."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, money has no art to it; It doesn't have any feeling or soul. Money is just cold."

"Money is just a tool for our economic system. It doesn't need feeling or soul. It's just a tool. Is there music in a hammer?"

"Have you ever heard anyone use a hammer? Not every hammer has music in it but some people can make music with hammers."

"You mean like that one show where they make music from brooms and trashcans?"

"Blue Man Group?

"No, not that one."


"Yeah, Stomp!"

"No, that's not what I mean. I don't mean literal music. I mean, money doesn't have any feeling in it. A boy can take a hammer and use it to put feeling into building a doghouse but he doesn't put feeling in slapping money on the counter to buy the hammer."

"Oh okay. I get what you're trying to say but I still think you're wrong. What about giving to charity?"

"People do it because they feel guilty. That isn't real emotion. It doesn't count."

"Is that what you think?"

"That is exactly what I think."

"Well then."

They pass by a man in a Santa suit ringing a bell, collecting for the poor. The shorter man takes out his wallet and empties it into the collection pot as the Santa stares wide eyed.

"God Bless you Sir! God bless you!"

"You are most certainly welcome."

The two men walk off.

"That didn't prove anything you know."


"I know how much you make. That didn't mean anything to you. Besides, there wasn't any feeling behind it. You only did it to try and prove a point; which you failed at I might add."

"Well I suppose -"

The shorter man is cut off as a little boy pushes past him. They turn to watch him run up to the Santa and hand him a piggy bank. The Santa tries to give it back but the boy refuses before running back, a smile on his face.

The boy's mother catches up to him in front of the two men.

"Jason Richard Scott how dare you run off on your own! You scared me to death!"

"But Mama -"

"And look at you. New shoes all scuffed up and you lost all your Christmas money too. I told you to be careful with it. Now you'll have to wait until next year to get that toy you wanted."

"But Mama -"

"Not another word out of you young man. We're going straight home."

The two men watched as the boy was pulled away by his mother.

"Well then."


They began walking again. They taller man stole a glance behind him toward the Santa.

"You know, the coins make a surprisingly delightful noise as they jingle in the can."

"Oh yes. Delightful."


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