That was a busy weekend. Some of the people stuck trying to leave town have given up, returned, and started looting. The cops as well as a few National Guard units are on the streets armed to the teath and in full riot gear. Luckily, this is Ann Arbor. People here are mostly middle class white wusses who have lead sheltered lives, so it's relatively easy to avoid getting shot at. I'd hate to be in Detroit or for that matter even Ypsilanti right now.

With some careful planning and calculated risk-taking, I've managed to procure a sizeable cache of equipment and supplies before all the good stuff was gone. List of general purpose survival equipment. A lot of the stuff I had lying around from back before the millenium scare, and the rest I had to borrow from area stores. Hey, look, I believe in Anarchy as an ideal as much as the next guy, so I'm not proud of taking private property. For what it's worth, I've kept a detailed written log of exactly what I took, from where, and what I damaged in the process of breaking and entering. In the unlikely event that I run into any of the rightful owners of any of the gear, I hereby officially promise to compensate them for it. In the course of my 'shopping' spree, my banged up old '00 Stratus proved unequal to the task, so I had to liberate a shiny black 2008 model Suburban with an integrated 2.5Ghz PC, a luggage rack, and an onboard fridge. Like I said, this gives me no joy; I'm only doing what I need to do to survive this crisis. Ok, maybe it gives me a little joy. Especially the PC. That mofo is SWEET! I can't wait to reformat the drive and replace it with AmigaLinux.

So, after several trips around town in 'my' new roadwarrior, I had the cleanrooms at work stuffed with all the goodies they could fit. My project for tomorrow is to change the locks, rewire the burglar alarms, and start the laborious process of painting and caulking up every crack in the hallways connecting the cleanrooms.

On an unrelated note, somebody is still logging into Everything2! The Other Users nodelet and the VideoChatterBox have been empty (except for EDB, of course) every time I was logged in, but someone voted on my log from Friday! I'm not alone. Whoever you are, if you're reading this, RSVP! In these dark times, it's important for the surviving Everythingians to stay in touch, compare notes, and share information.

Talk to you again tomorrow, if all goes well.



I think we should split up.

I feel that I'm stringing you along, because I don't reciprocate how deep your feelings are towards me.

Its not fair on either of us to remain in this situation, as I cannot change my feelings, despite having tried. I have still enjoyed being with you.

We've had some excellent times together, and shared some great memories. I'll always remember going to see Die Hard in gold class, or you encouraging me to join you on the bungie ride in Auckland.

It is important you understand that this is not your fault, its no one's fault, but this is just what happens sometimes, and I am sorry.

We've both changed over the last year, and I'm proud of what you've achieved and how far you've come. You've shown extraordinary strength and spirit in dealing with a difficult burden.

Everybody that I have introduced you to has commented on how intelligent and pretty you are, and I believe you have a great potential to achieve anything you put your mind to, whether it be writing, music, or even reptile training!



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