"If Tinkerbell was a nymphomaniac, she'd be Jane March" - Maxim Magazine

Birth name: Jane Harwood
Date of birth (location): 20 March 1973,
Edgware, London, England, UK

Jane March is a stone fox. She hasn't won any acting awards, and she probably won't in the near future. It's not that she's a poor actress, (despite being nominated for 2 Razzie awards) it's just that those bastards in Hollywood are jealous of her astonishing beauty; they are jealous and they don't want to see someone get all the looks *and* all the recognition. That's what's going on here. We all know the Oscars are a joke and a sham anyways.


She started her film career with shocking nude love scenes when she was barely eighteen in the movie The Lover. Her image as a sex symbol was solidified making out with Bruce Willis in The Color of Night, and then she fufilled every man's fantasy when she starred as Jane in Tarzan.

"I knew the Chinese man would be making love with the girl and there'd be shots of me naked and him naked - I didn't know, it meant literally. I thought, Yeah, whatever. Turns out it was absolutely literally. "
"After The Lover, any love scene is TV - nothing!" - Jane March

God damn it, those Hollywood fat cats always scoop up the best girls! She met Carmine Zozzora, coproducer of The Color of Night and president of Willis's production company, Flying Heart Films, on the set of Color of Night and within three weeks, were engaged!

"Getting married was the best day of my life, ever. We're just the best together. Indestructible!" - Jane March

When Jane was fifteen she started modelling, and by the time she was sixteen she was earning a living as a model! She's been featured in the following magazines / ad campaigns:

"I don't know how to say it without offending anyone, but I didn't want to live and die in the same place. I didn' t want to have to work my butt off for peanuts with no reward at the end of the day. I wanted to see the world too, and I've done that. " - JM

Quotes from an interview in Cosmopolitan, 05/01/94

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