Jade Fox is a thief who meets her ultimate destiny in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She steals the secret Wudan Handbook and tries to teach it to her disciple. Unknown to her, her disciple learns much more than she ever could. This leads her to a craziness in which she saves her disciple and then tries to kill her. This is one of the more pivotal themes in this great film

(Warning: This writeup is sort of silly.)

Here's an interesting pun in the translations - intentional or not:

Prior to the first scene where the Jade Fox appears in person, the Finnish subtitles have this line:

"Se Kettu ei ole järin täsmällinen. Häntä ei näy vieläkään."

This translates crudely to English as: "That Fox isn't too precise. I still can't see her."

Finnish word "hän" can be translated as "he" or "she" (Finnish is gender-neutral). "Häntä" is "him", "her"... or, if we're talking of a homonymous noun, "tail".

"That Fox isn't too precise. The tail still cannot be seen."

Well, if the fox isn't around, neither is the tail...

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