A TV show...

However in more detail.

The Cast:
  • Nikita
  • Michael
  • Operations
  • Madeline
  • Birkov
  • Walter
  • and others...

The Story - Well a rough and twisted estimate anyway.
Following Nikita's recruitment by Section One (be it by their luck, or be it through Section's own planning) the episodes follow her life as it drastically changes. After day one it is transformed, the freedom she once had is gone, her friends are no more, in fact as far as the rest of the real world is concerned, she no longer exists.

Her life inside section is different, she wasn't used to taking orders, but now she lives by them. Each day, a new dawn means more chances for section to ... save humanity from the hundreds of terrorist factors that ... despite what we all know and love are almost holding the planet to ransom.

The most viscious of which is Redcel. It is drilled into Nikita that Redcel is bad and Section is good. While the first is easy to accept the second is not always as clear. Section is ruthless ... alas it's true, sometimes to save the lives of others innocents must be killed. Sometimes too, Sections own operatives must be cancelled, be it through their own mistaken acts, for Section to prove a point, or for some other bizzare twist of plot.

After not long, Nikita succumbs to Michael's good looks charm maybe even his own ruthlessness, and from then on we follow a series of twists, breaks, snaps, and strengths, as the pair become off and on romantically involved. While it might look like this is through Nikita's need to satisfy her womanly desires, a hidden layer reveals that it is also for her own protection. Within Section, Michael has own power and leverage. He is a powerful player, though not as great as to match the likes of Operations. Within Section, Operations has the number one position: Command. With all his power, he often attemts to mould the planet into his own image. Unfortunately ... all good things must come to an end, and eventually after giving as much as it is going to give Section forbids Michael and Nikita's union, and ... well at least for all the Section knows, it is over.

I hope this is clear to everyone.

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