Luc Besson is a French director, writer, and producer of movies. He's probably known best for La Femme Nikita, or The Fifth Element, but one of his best movies was written around Jean Reno and it's called The Professional in the United States, and Léon in Europe.

I've just realized, after watching some of the Luc Besson's films on my shelf, that his more popular movies that have been released into the US feature the lead women to have short hair! Maybe I have too much time on my hands but I was just thinking.

Okay I'll use the characters from Leon: The Professional, La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element, and The Messenger: The Joan of Arc Story. Yes two of these roles are played by Milla Jovovich his former wife. ... Anyway back to the subject. Mathilda in The Professional sports a haircut that comes right to the bottom of her ears, or maybe shorter, Nikita starts off with a haircut like Mathilda's but much messier and eventually cuts it to be a boy cut. Leeloo has one that kind of goes just below her ears and Joan starts off with really long hair, but she cuts it like a boy's too (more of a bowl cut, but a short one)! Oh and they all have bangs of some sort. Is this a coincidence? Or does Luc Besson like his women with short hair? I don't know... but wait till we see who his next heroine or girlfriend is. I have also noticed that his female leads are strong in character:
Mathilda, vengeful, serious, mature for her age.
Leeloo, she's the fifth element, learns quick, maybe a bit naive, but hey? She's what saves the world from the ultimate evil!
Nikita, okay maybe she was a bit on the crazy side, you know killing a cop and everything and not taking things seriously at first. But she got what it had to make it through the government agency and escape in the end.
Joan, she fought in wars and won them, was a woman who led an army at a time that it was unheard of. But she went crazy in the end... I personally think she had Schizophrenia that just surfaced because when it happens to women it usually comes around the age of 18 or so.
Yes, I had to point those things out because they just seemed so interesting to me, I don't know if others have noticed this, but they probably have.

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