French director. Film critics often see Robert Bresson as one of the best movie directors. However, his movies were definitely not entertainment but art. Indeed, after his two first movies, Les Anges du Péché (1943) and Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne (1945), he decided to use only non-professional actors, whom he called his 'models'.

This gave his movies an unusual yet fascinating austerity ; few filmmakers have so much applied Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's principle that "perfection is when there is nothing left to remove". As an example, most of the music in his movies comes from a visible source.

His best movies are perhaps Pickpocket (1959), about a pickpocket who finds redemption in love, and Au Hasard Balthazar (1967), a movie which tells the story of a donkey, but yet tells much about humanity.

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