Balthazar was one of the three magi ("wise men" - most likely meaning priests) who brought gifts to anoint Jesus Christ upon his birth. The wise men only appear in the book of Matthew and are not named or even numbered. Later Christian tradition fleshed out their identities and made them kings. Balthazar, whose name means "lord of the treasures", was king of Arabia. The Venerable Bede claimed he was the son of Shem, one of Noah’s sons. Bede also believed that Balthazar, the youngest of the magi, was black, emphasizing the idea that Christ had come to save all of mankind.

Balthazar brought myrrh, the gift for a prophet in Jewish tradition. Myrrh’s use in embalming was thought to prefigure the death of Christ.
Balthazar is also a brasserie in New York located at 80 spring street. Classic french steakhouse was a pretty hot spot when it opened, now a very reliable (and still hip, but now you can get a table, as the poseurs have moved to the next bigthing) place to go eat. I first ate there during the first New York based LinuxWorld show, back when we were all innocents.

Really nice oysters. That said, I'd probably hit Brasserie 8 1/2 located at 8 1/2 W 57th St, this sused to be opened 24 hours, but after a few years of down time, it has reopened and is pretty terrific. Brasseries like these two deserve to be visited.

For really terrific steak, you should also try Raouls in the village, and Peter Lugar in Brooklyn. All really fun.

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