A Bristol based band, consisting of Phelim Byrne (vocalist) and Donnie Hardwidge (who plays just about everything). They met while busking, and got signed to Massive Attack's famous Melankolic label after a demo tape wound up there. Their first album, called Ordinary Man, was released in 2000 and mixed in L.A. by producer Mario Caldeto Jr. (most famous for his work with the Beastie Boys).

They have a new album in the works, which should be out later this year.

Here's a sample of some lyrics from Waiting for a break, one of the tracks on Ordinary Man:

Said he was an actor,
bit of a photographer,
but made his living out of laughter,
which makes him a comedian,
Waiting for his million,
that was soon coming,
but for now he was bumming.

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