An author of open source software born on February 23 1964. He is a demigod for any serious programmer in the SGML and XML world, because he wrote some of the most widely used typesetting and markup tools. His Web site is, and he lives in Thailand.

His works include:

  • groff, a complete implementation of the standard Unix typesetting system, which he wrote in the eighties. Now a part of the GNU project. You have it in your GNU/Linux box.
  • sgmls: an SGML parser written in C. This is the reference SGML implementation.
  • SP: another SGML parser, written in C++.
  • Jade: a DSSSL engine. Clark is one of the editors of DSSSL. Unfortunately, Jade is not a complete implementation.
  • expat: the XML parser used in Mozilla and in a number of higher-level parsers. Use it if you need a lightweight and very fast XML parser. Jim Clark was involved in the creation of XML.
  • XP: another XML parser, written in Java.
  • XT: an XSLT processor, written in Java. Clark is an editor of the W3C XSLT Recommendation.

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