Born Londonberry, Northern Ireland, James Burke holds an M.A. in English from Oxford University. Since 1965, Burke has hosted numerous television documentaries including Connections, Connections 2, Connections 3, The Real Thing, The Day the Universe Changed, and After the Warming. Burke's unique style has also expressed itself in books and on the lecture circuit.

"You don't know who I am, do You? But you want to know." (holds up safety pin) "Take a look at this. And imagine yourself in the library at Alexandria. Because it's there we get our first clue about how I got to be where I am, with you watching me from where you are."
Burke's "unique style" mainly consists of combining the history of technology with storytelling: he'll take one invention or inventor, and show how an improvement in technology introduces a "trigger effect" which has implications on culture and technology across time and geography- one invention either inspires or creates the need for another, or solves a totally different problem than the one for which it was created. Burke usually connects technology we find indispensable today (the integrated circuit, radio, telephony, print) to its origins in Medieval or Ancient times.

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