Title: Imaginary Stories
Release Date: August 1997
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Oscar Jimenez
Inker: Chip Wallace
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern.
Guest Stars: Green Arrow.
Bad Guys: The Key.
Cameos: Seth Brundle, from "The Fly", running the government's teleporters.

So what happens?
The Key, an old Justice League villain who specialized in using chemicals to make himself smarter, has returned and captured the JLA. The Key has upgraded himself quite a bit--he has eleven senses, he can open any door and any lock (just 'cause he's...The Key), and he has a plan to control all existence by stealing energy from the JLA. So he's created a neural virus program that puts the Leaguers into strange dreamworlds--when the JLA realize they're dreaming and wake up, the surge of their energy will give him the power he needs to step into "Negative Space" and take over the universe.

So Superman is dreaming that Krypton was never destroyed and he's been made a Green Lantern; Batman is dreaming that he's an old man, married to Catwoman, and watching as the new Batman and Robin are attacked by an elderly Joker; Aquaman is dreaming that the polar ice caps have melted, flooding the world, leaving him the sole defender against the evil Manta Raiders; and Wonder Woman is dreaming she's stuck in her bad '70s non-powered Nazi-fighting continuity.

And blundering into this whole situation is the new Green Arrow, Connor Hawk, the son of the original Green Arrow. He's teleported up to the JLA Watchtower because he's about to be made an official JLA member, and now he's forced to fight a running battle with the Key and his robotic Keymen. Unfortunately, the Key is able to destroy his supply of arrows, and Connor has to reluctantly take up his late father's collection of goofy trick arrows...

Cool Moments!
Well, all of the imaginary worlds are really pretty nifty; Green Arrow using his dad's trick arrows is a cool Modern-Age-Meets-the-Silver-Age moment.

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