Title: Elseworlds
Release Date: Early September 1997
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Oscar Jimenez
Inker: Chip Wallace
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern.
Guest Stars: Green Arrow.
Bad Guys: The Key.

So what happens?
The Key still holds the JLA captive. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman continue the dreams they were having last issue, and the Key's neural virus is now administered to the Flash, who dreams that everyone in the world can run as fast as he can for one hour of the day, and Green Lantern, who dreams he's the heavily cyborged "Weaponeer 500, Sector-Dictator for the Quardians of the Galaxy". The JLA members start appearing in each other's dreams, signaling that they will begin to wake up soon--good news for the Key, since when they do, he'll be transformed into a god.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow is having trouble using his dad's old trick arrows--he's used to shooting regular pointed arrows, not explosive arrows, handcuff arrows, and net arrows. The Flash's superspeed metabolism helps him recover faster than expected from the neural virus, but he's still a little slow from the drugs in his system, and the Key takes him down. The rest of the JLA wake up, and the Key is ready to step through the psychic doorway into Negative Space, where he will control everything...and Green Arrow knocks him out with a boxing glove arrow... Green Arrow is made an official member of the JLA, the Key is held prisoner in a virtual fractal maze, and a bunch of mysterious villains activate ominous JLA duplicates called the JLA Revenge Squad. Hey, kids, it's another cliffhanger!

Cool Moments!
Green Arrow successfully using the boomerang arrow and the boxing glove arrow.

Cool Quotes!
Batman, after seeing Green Lantern as "Weaponeer 500": "Nintendo has a lot to answer for."

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