naked_ape is a founder of Interactors

What is Interactors?

Interactors was born to be a platform for the creation and development of Internet project cooperation. The platform is composed of people with ideas, knowledge and/or resources who are willing and able to cooperate in a variety of projects. Our objective is to construct a sustainable cooperative ecosystem in which all contributions receive satisfactory dividends. This can be achieved by combining interests and efforts, adding up experiences, exchanging surplus. Interactors can be useful to you if you have one or more of the following:

  • an Idea, but are unsure of how good it is
  • a project, but are unable to proceed alone
  • a desire to do things, much experience and little time
  • a desire to do things, little experience and plenty of time
  • much expertise in a given subject but not in others
  • more technique than creativity
  • more creativity than technique
  • resources that need a little extra something
  • a little extra something that needs resources


Interactors offers its cooperation to projects that would lose their essence, utility or interest if they were carried out under the profit criteria of an enterprise or institutional environment. We welcome and encourage any experimental, artistic, or independent projects. Interactors is not promoted or backed by any company or institution. The first cooperative project of Interactors is Interactors itself. And we are open to receive anyone who wishes to partake and witness our progress and achievements. To begin in such a risky but coherent way is complex, but wanted to do just that and we believe that our efforts will be very worthwhile.

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