I have Everything, and some more.
I’ve been reading and parsing all the nodes and such, and frankly:

if that is all you have to show…

I mean, I am just an explorer and my mission is to discover new civilizations, etc. I know it isn’t the best of the jobs, but I have some reputation to maintain and if everything I can grab from earthlings is Everything

I’m gonna be fired!!!

We the aliens have everything we want to know, we know of everyone, but we were interested in Everything because it was a good start for an evolutionary collective conscious. You know, without intellectual collaboration and free speech, civilizations simply disappear, and you everythingians had started something. Maybe I am picky, but you’ll have to learn to think a bit like Borgs. Not that we are Borgs, or endorse such methods, the Borg way is fast, but not funny. And remember: enjoying yourself is utmost in importance. In fact I like Everything pretty much as is now (no need to ask: I am not allowed to give you the code for Universe Millennium Edition or a spare exaflop processor), but some of you have way too much personality, those nodes with references to users in the title and those “getting to know you” nodes are good examples. You’ll definitively need more space in your home nodes…

I was willing to intervene because you’re in a good track, and yes, you’re having some kind of fun right now, but wait a little, don’t go that fast. There’s more fun ahead. Spend your time knowing yourselves and noding for everyone, for the conscious collective. Don’t drain your energy with word fights now… Wait and it would be a thousand times better, knowledge break outs are one of the best things in the universe, once you start one, it’s... I can’t say nothing more, you’ll have to discover this by yourselves.

Damn, I shouldn’t be saying this, not to mention the rules I’ve broken in order to get here. Poor naked_ape, he won’t remember to have written this node, but anyway, he’s a pot head, so It won’t surprise him a lot…

Before waving my hand to say you goodbye (or see you, you’ll never know...) I would like to profit from this space generously given by the ape to indulge myself and node something that I hope can be of interest to you:
err, ahem, some nodes that I fell worth adding something...

See you!
And forgive my English (none of us speak it properly)

Anyone’s alien

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