"Inigo Bunker" by Path

"After voting or watching a presidential debate I do not have the feeling that I have participated in something real. After going to a baseball game or playing video games I do not feel like I have participated in something real. After going to a show and singing along with my favorite bands I feel like I have participated in something meaningful, real, and fundamental to my being."

Tittyfucking will be in the 2020 Olympics,
flag-waving, wife-beating, and truck rallies won’t be there with it,
fuck the frustrations from the life of the sexless,
I got a 10 from the judges for a perfect pearl necklace,
my flavor is effected by the contents of the breakfast,
sometimes when no one’s looking I mess with Texas.
Never question – the bay area’s the best place,
but I’ve got love, for 7 of them red states,
that’s 7 out of 7 of the ones that I’ve been through,
I met a trucker from Memphis who listened to Eminem too,
he jocked Bob Dylan, I talked Saul Williams,
holy shit, these people are not all villains.
With a pistol like a microphone I interviewed god at a gun range in Plano,
I popped shots til the mantra became “holy shit, it’s not a video game,
“click, bang, “holy shit it’s not a video game,” bang.
Two lanes over, Osama bin laden,
three Cal Berkeley students lined up and shot him,
memories used to be, records of events,
the event of people shooting guns off in a room, now it’s “why do I assume that they’ve got to go to Berkeley just because they’re clean-cut asian?”
versus “why are we standing here lined up with guns blazing?”
A lot of people put their brains in stasis,
make accusations like “that there boy’s just going through phases,
dag nabbit, my 15-year-old grandson’s a faggot,
hell no, I won’t have it, his dad was raised Baptist,
how in god’s good name could this happen,
it’s all those trenchcoats, rap and black magic, goddam bastard Hollywood actors,
pass me my Newport mentholatums and matches,”
grandson Jimmy just smiles and laughs,
“oh grandad’s just going through his 80-year-old-bigot-on-his-death-bed-phase,
he’ll be dead in a week and be a tree in a decade.”

Mental Health Facility: prep room for new cases,
on the ward with the homicidal maniacs and rapists,
god hung himself in his cell with his shoelaces,
the teenage nurse yelled “I’m beginning to lose patience!”
Later on she finally did scream “oh jesus!”
when I licked the alphabet and recited the pledge of allegiance,
kids care less about religion than they do about Adidas,
welcome to America – please enjoy your freedoms,
if you want them, put nails in your coffins,
and keep the nails on your middle fingers nicely polished,
and wave them at those who don’t respecty what you’ve accomplished,
I learned more from taking mushrooms than from years of going to college,
I learned more from ditching formal education to work,
than from 50 Sundays that I wasted in church,
compared to fists up for dumbshit complacence is worse,
you have to make wrong moves before you make ones that work,
it’s hard to say “no regrets” while you apologize for genocide,
it’s hard to keep your head up while demolishing your sense of pride,
it’s hard to stay together when it pays more to divide,
but my tombstone will read: “Alter The Path – He tried.”

for anyone interested, the person who posted this wrote it.

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