Rondeau: a form consisting of fifteen lines (sometimes fewer) arranged in three parts and rhyming aabba aabR aabbaR. The R indicates a refrain that repeats the first word or phrase of the opening line. (The Poetry Dictionary, John Drury, Story Press, 1995.)

The More Sublime Need

Color is reflection of light not absorbed. Lime
is everything but, and tangerine's orange rind
is the disendowment of that very shade. Lately,
I wonder at the things not said. The weight we
choose to carry on, when there is no clear sign,

when emotion bounces back off topic. I'm
not sure where the light goes then. In line?
In scattered fragments, pieces of the prism beam?
Color is reflection.

If I can't adjust my angle of perception in time
I may miss your meaning, or at least the more sublime
need you express between words. A theme
of longing for something I may never absorb seems
to be in question. How to hold and define
the pigment of love when color is reflection.