Actual public advertisment slogan for the carton recycling program of the Norwegian goverment, a public advertisment initiative to increase the recycle rate for milk cartons and other containers. The most profiled TV ad goes like this: A rich guy walks around in his large house, and grabs a carton of apple juice from the fridge. He pours out the last juice and throws the carton in the ordinary waste bin, not the recycling bin due to pure negligence. He walks out to his swimming pool and stretches out his arm while taking a deep breath. A seagull flys overhead and craps in the juice. The guy drinks the whole juice, not noticing the odd taste until it's way too late. Cue slogan.

In the original language the slogan goes like this: Kødder du med naturen, kødder naturen med deg.

The term (and verb) "å kødde" roughly translates to "to fuck around". The noun "kødd" means "dick".

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