Now out of print, I Think We Need Helicopters is the only full-length album ever made by the now-defunct punk band, Gals Panic. Helicopters was released in 1995 on "Goopy Pyramid Records," although, due to a lack of contact or legal information for this label in the liner notes, it may not actually exist.
The liner notes list the members of the band as:


While it was hard enough to find this album before (I got mine on CDNow, but they no longer carry it) and it can only be harder now, it's definately worth picking up, should you come across it in your travels; while the musical style, with the exception of a few songs, wouldn't stand out too much if played amongst the usual variety of ska and punk that some college radio stations specialize in, the album is varied enough to keep one's interest from the beginning of track 2 (track 1 is a fairly uninteresting introduction; then again, few albums that have non-song first tracks make such introductions worthwhile.) until the end of the last song snippet on track 19 (which is quite fun; somebody should have introduced these guys to They Might Be Giants).
Musical style aside, the silly lyricism found on this album makes it a worthy purchase at any price.

Complete track listing:
1. Intro
2. Pit
3. Ketchup
4. Dogs Don't Do Drugs
5. Segaface
6. Fuentes
7. Cosmonaut
8. Talk...Laugh...Cry
9. Mummy Cops
10. Space Race
11. Ace Frehley Doll
12. Skoliosis Skank
13. Superstar (Sonic Youth cover)
14. We've Only Just Begun (Carpenters cover)
15. Backpack
16. Thirteen
17. Chuck Norris Action Jeans
18. Gals Panic
19. Jerm and Lance Fuck Around

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