Lately, I've been worried. I've been reading this book by Martin Buber, called Zion and Palestine. I will perhaps comment more fully on this work later, but now I am not here to talk about all the details of Buber's thought. I just wish to speak of one aspect, the notion that Buber espouses that Zion was placed on the earth as a way to fight "demonry". That perhaps, after this society is built, we will all live in a world of boundless happiness and limitless energy. As with his metereological descriptions, I assume that Buber is smart enough to know the difference between metaphor and reality. Many people don't, and for many people, it ends up not making a difference.

Most societies recoil at the idea of the sublime. There is a sublime beauty to life, but a sublime horror, or terror, if you will, as well. What exactly is this horror? We will return to this question later. But what is more interesting than the horror, and what seems to engender it, is societies' reaction to it, which is to represent it in a fixed form, and thus attack it. Of course, the attacks never work at defeating the horror. They merely give a society an excuse for its continued inability to reach aforementioned boundless happiness and limitless energy.

This cycle is non-productive. Not neccesarily evil or wrong or bad or immoral. It is merely non-productive. Trying to represent the concept of this supreme horror in the form of a group of people not only leads to bad things, it doesn't actually enable people to touch the horror that bothers them so much.

So, not only is founding a theocracy with your fellow decendants of the mythic hero-king expensive and maybe destructive, it does not work, as well.

Here is a way to confront your horrors directly. It can be done for about 30 dollars. It involves a trip to the grocery store, and possibly the liquor store as well. You will need to buy the following things:

  1. Dextromethorphan, preferably in pill form, around 300 milligrams total.
  2. Diphenhydramine, of which you will also need about 300 milligrams total.
  3. diet Cola, or anything consisting of lots of caffeine and nutrasweet. 1 liter will do.
  4. Alcohol, preferably vodka or everclear. About 4-6 ounces will suffice.

Mix up about 8 ounces of diet Cola with 1 or 2 ounches of liquor. Add in 100 milligrams each of DXM and diphenahydramine pills. This will be 6 DXM pills and 4 diphenhydramine pills, usually. Swallow. Repeat every half hour. After three doses, you should be done, and in the hour after that, you should start to experience panic attacks together with terrifyingly vivid hallucinations that you can't judge the reality of. The alcohol and the DXM should wear off in a few hours, but in most people, that much benadryl will last for about 24 hours.

This works by combining a deliriant, that makes people unable to judge the reality of their surroundings, with a dissassociatve, which makes people find their normal conception of reality distorted. The alcohol is just to bring on sickness and the caffeine to bring on jumpiness. This should be enough to create in most people a direct confrontation, in seemingly real physical form, with whatever sub conscious demons, literal and figurative, they have crawling around in them. Or perhaps the demons are real, at this point, most people wouldn't be able to tell. I say this is what should happen, I am not stupid enough to try this.

You can directly view the shadow ships, become one with the essence of Gevurrah, find out what is hiding behind the door in your worse imaginations, see the billowing shape that confronted Don Gately and view all the darkness and fear of darkness inside the human heart. It may cause a psychotic break, or a medical crisis leading to death, but I suppose that is the price to pay. In any case, 30 dollars and a medical crises are certainly small prices to pay compared to some people's demon hunting schemes.

Don't do this. Seriously, don't. I bring this up for theory. It would be a super bad idea in real life.

When Glowing Fish says don't do it, he means it. You will usually find DXM in cough syrup, and most brands contain Acetaminophen, Guaifenesin, or Chlorpheniramine Maleate. Considering the usual 3mg/ml (if I remember correctly) concentration of DXM, the required 100ml of syrup will likely contain enough of the abovementioned substances to inflict serious, likely lethal damage lest you chose the brand carefully. Not to mention that the suggested 300mg dose of DXM is fairly high for "recreational" use.

Diphenhydramine is another fun one. This is something that is occasionally used as an easily availible and presumably relatively pleasant means of suicide. I'm not sure that it's particularly effective, although >800mg or so might just do it.

Now, I am not aware of synergetic effects between the drugs mentioned, but the effects are unlikely to be simply cumulative like described above. The best outcome would be vomiting immediately, and I suspect this is pretty likely to happen due to the combination of DXM and alcohol. Otherwise death or cognitive impairment is my best guess.

Seriously, don't do this. Try some friendlier drugs if you'd like to examine your subconcious.

Not that I'm endorsing any drug use at all.
Glowing Fish points out that DXM tablets were indeed suggested by the original writeup. I assumed those wouldn't be readily availible, which doesn't seem to be the case. Shows how much I know about modern drug culture.

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