Our feelings are already very transparent. We sweat, shake, and stutter in nervous situations. Our mannerisms completely change when we're angry. When someone is depressed or sad, they act introverted, are generally quiet, and often cry. When people are happy, they become more outgoing, smile more, and are generally friendlier. And the tone of our voices often changes based on our emotional state. Everyone knows what these signs mean because of knowledge gained from years of observation (including of ourselves). The majority of our communication with others is expressed non-verbally. And I doubt we'd lie less. After all, the best liars have found ways to control their normal reactions to adverse situations, I'm sure if we had tails, we'd find ways to control that reflex (assuming it's involuntary).

The only sure thing having tails would cause would be tail fetish web sites proliferating the internet. ("FREE HOT 100% VIRGIN CELEBRITY UPSKIRT TAIL SHOTS" would become a common search term on Google.) You're right, emotion is a very powerful thing, but so is sex. :-D

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