If i could do it all over i would change it all
I would say the things i should have said
Take back the hurt i caused
I would have made each day count
Taken nothing for granted
I would have talked to my family
Tried to be a better friend
I would have been there when you needed me
Had you there when i needed you
I would have kept in touch when we were away
Spent more time outside
I would have listened to everything
and laughed more often
I woud have cried and not held it in
let the tears fall
I would have said goodbye
Even if i didn't want you to go
I would have spent time with you before you left forever
Instead i was scared and stayed away
I would have learned the words i needed to say
And loved more often
I would have run in the woods
Gone for a swim
I would have done all the things i put off 'til tomorrow
done them all that day
I would have written down my feelings
Now they are lost forever
I would have nothing to regret
should have done it then
I would have never let you get away
should have never let you get away
but i did
If only i could do it all over again...

I felt like writing a poem so this was it. i just started with "if i could do it all over again" and wrote since that question has been on my mind lately.

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