iSONEWS is a website ( that provides the public with news and information that is not generally covered the mainstream media. It provides a place to discuss software piracy and it has a benefit of very up to date information about the internet underground. They do not violate any copyright laws in that they do not pirate anything, but just report about it.

Release information is sorted by sections and by day. The sections include: Game, CloneCD, Utils, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast, Kiddie, TVRip, VCD, DVD, DivX, Patches/Dox, and Rips.

This node used to say "If anyone is serious about their warez or movies, they probably read and post in this site regularly." beak has pointed out that "The real elite scorn isonews and use other, less known methods and sites to get real info." He's right.. Probably only the most 31337 of all l33t h4x0rs use iSONEWS for real info...

ISONews can now be found at or started redirecting to after the domain was seized from the owner of the site (David Rocci, a.k.a. krazy8) after pleading guilty to "to conspiring to import, market and sell circumvention devices known as modification (or “mod”) chips in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act"1. At first, redirected to a page hosted at CyberCrime which explained what happened to the site and Rocci (, though it now just redirects to

Rocci was sentenced to 5 months in prison, 5 months home detention with electronic monitoring, 3 years supervised release and $28,500 in fines on April 4, 2003. Rocci served time at the Federal Correctional Institute in Beaver, West Virginia. Rocci was released from prison on November 7, 2003. Rocci says he'll be writing on about what prison life was like. Oh, and for the curious, to quote krazy8: "we had private shower ass raping."2

As for the site quality itself, it is pale in comparison to NFOrce and VCDQuality as far as release updates go. The forums are still active, though there are many trolls on them.

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