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Words cannot express the feelings that I have about myself, my life, and my fellow noders, and therefore I am taking a break from noding. I am in no way a creative writer, and it's almost impossible for me to express an event or situation in words. Level three will never be mine, and I will probably eventually be bumped to level one when someone decides that one of my nodes wasn't good enough. My rambling is more subject to journal writing, where I can put the words in whatever order I want to try and get my point across (and I can still use XHTML. So, if you are ever interested in following the events in my life, please make a visit to:

That's pretty much it. All the information below is current, and I will update it when it changes. Who knows, maybe one day I'll come back to E2 in full force. I really need to collect myself first. I'll check back here regularly. Thank you to all who have helped me in the past. I love you all.

Hi! Thanks for coming! I really hope that you enjoy your stay on my own home node.

Name: Raymond Gibson
AIM: raybass117
ICQ: 2932691
T-Mobile: +16269227227
Address@School: Best Hall Staff, Tempe, AZ, 85281-2040
Address@Home: 927 Calmgrove, Glendora, CA, 91740

/msg's are nice, but e2 is slow. try any of the other methods above if you want a fast reply.

I am a Christian, but you probably already knew that.

My highest ranked nodes:
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September 13, 2001 (good luck finding it)
Potato Cannon

My lowest ranked nodes:
My answers to factgirl's Christianity test (nuked)

People who have C!ed me:
Amoeba Protozoa
iandunn (three times! geeze)
Lometa (twice)
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donfreenut added a node that I wrote to the Page of Cool once. Cool, huh?