VCDQuality (http://www.vcdquality .com) is a web site dedicated to the reviewing of recent movie encode releases. Strictly speaking, VCDQuality itself plays no part in movie piracy, however it is one of the must fundamentally important sites to anyone involved in it.

VCDQuality do not host any movies, or tell anyone how to get movies. Instead, they host sample JPEG images of recent movie releases, copies of the release's NFO, and also have forums for the discussion of these releases. Most useful of all is the site's poll feature, in that every single movie release is voted a score out of ten in the categories of video, audio and movie quality. Thus, for a user trying to find out what version of The Two Towers to download, they can search all releases of it so far, view sample images of them, consider the scores which have been given to it by others who have watched the encode, and read the feedback in the provided forum. As such, this site is of extreme significance in the movie piracy scene, for hardcore traders and casual downloaders alike.

While VCDQuality is an entirely independent site, it generally goes hand-in-hand with XDCC search engines such as Packetnews( or XdccSpider( The reason being that once one has found the movie that they want at VCDQuality, all they need to do is stick its title and encoding group into the search engine, and out spits a list of all the XDCC servers which are hosting it on IRC. Of course, downloading any of these movies is totally illegal, however neither VCDQuality or the search engines are actually illegal (IANAL).

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