What is XDCC?
An XDCC bot is a kind of file server commonly found on IRC, and controlled entirely using private messages or notice commands over the IRC network. This is as opposed to a conventional fserve script which typically works over a DCC chat connection.

Generally speaking, an XDCC bot will only serve a small number of very large files. For example, a movie release or game ISO would commonly be hosted on an XDCC. It should be pointed out that many XDCC bots are in fact hacked computers, typically business or educational ones, which are targeted for their high bandwidth internet connections, needed to serve such large files at acceptable speeds. As such, XDCC servers are fast, though not always legal (though considering the content typically served on them, a truly law-abiding XDCC would be a rare sight).

How do I use XDCC?
One of the primary strengths of XDCC is its extreme simplicity. To receive a listing of offered files from an XDCC server, simply send it a private message stating "xdcc list". It will then reply with a series of notice messages detailing the packages available, each of them numbered. Then, in order to receive one of these packages, send another message stating "xdcc send #?", where ? is the number of the package you want. If necessary, you will be queued until the server is ready to initiate a DCC send to you.

One handy tip, if you are in a channel with a large number of XDCC bots, and don't want to individually message each one, you can achieve the same result by typing "xdcc list" into the channel window, in which case all XDCC servers in the channel will send you their listings.

How do I set up an XDCC?
Well, your first step is to find a file server script that you like. Personally I recommend sysreset (http://www.sysreset.com), which is a full fserve/XDCC/TDCC script package, with a couple of other handy addons included.

Once you have that set up, all you need to do is go into your server setup, tell it how many sends you are willing to allow at a time, how many queues, and what your speed restrictions are (minCPS and maxCPS, both being optional). Then, go into "XDCC Triggers", and add in each of the files you want to offer over XDCC, along with their descriptions. Once you have done that, all you have to do is set the server to active, and you're done! Now all you have to do is avoid the RIAA, MPAA, SPA, and all the other anti-piracy groups out there.

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