A law-abiding citizen is one who consistently obeys the laws of his government. With laws from three levels of government in existence in the United States, namely federal law, state law and local ordinance, exactly how law-abiding can a citizen possibly be? There are many federal laws, countless state laws, and myriads of local ordinances that each and every citizen MUST abide by, or else, suffer the penalty of law.

Remember that in ancient Hebrew society, about 613 individual laws from the Torah had to be strictly obeyed 24/7, and, as history shows, the typical Hebrew man/woman fell significantly short of obeying ALL 613 laws 24/7. In our modern society, police do not STRICTLY enforce each and every law, (not even state and local) and many people almost regularly get by with minor and even major crimes, often in the very presence of those who can arrest someone without warrant for a witnessed crime.

Do you know, by heart, every federal law, every law of your state, as well as every law of your city/county? If so, then that is excellent, because the typical American is fully aware of only 25% to 60% of the total number of laws that must be strictly obeyed 24/7, or else be prosecuted by the federal, state or local government, depending upon the level of government that you offended. There exists a great deal of ignorance of the many myriads of laws that apply to our daily lives, and this is regardless of the court's strict enforcement of ignorantia legis neminem excusat and ignorantia juris non excusat, which synonymously mean "ignorance of the law is no excuse".

Regardless of the total number of laws that MUST be obeyed 24/7, each and every law in the United States MUST be within the boundaries outlined by The Constitution of the United States of America. Despite the many laws in existence in our country, the United States, we citizens have a great deal more rights and liberty, as well as a great deal more tolerance and mutual respect from the government, here in the United States than in any totalitarian or communist country, thanks to the U.S. Constitution.

Law"-a*bid`ing (?), a.

Abiding the law; waiting for the operation of law for the enforcement of rights; also, abiding by the law; obedient to the law; as, law-abiding people.


© Webster 1913.

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