iroffer is an IRC XDCC stand-alone program. The program was made to make sharing files easier. iroffer was NOT made for the purpose of sharing pirated material ("warez"), though sharing warez is one of the main ways iroffer is used, and there are several reasons why.

The reasons iroffer is used for sharing warez is because it runs as a stand-alone program and can be executed from DOS, and from there can run in the background. There is no GUI. All of the available options are setup in config files. This, added to the fact that almost every XDCC in major warez channels is hacked by exploiting certain vulnerabilities (insecure NetBIOS password is the most exploited), makes for a very good XDCC program to use on hacked machines. This has made many virus scanners consider iroffer itself a virus, though this is 100% false.

iroffer is programmed in C. It is a good program for an IRC fileserver because of its speed and efficiency. With no scripts to bog it down any, it is able to get extreme speeds. iroffer has been found to transfer over 50MByte/sec over a gigabit ethernet connection.†

iroffer uses very little processing and RAM power. It can be remotely administered using /msg or DCC chat on IRC.

What files can I offer?1
Your channel's rules or FAQ
Pictures, Music, Programs, Shareware/Freeware, Programs you have written, etc.
Help elevate overloaded ftp and http servers by mirroring content for your channel's members

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