I sat on the bench outside,because it was so quiet. It may have been stained with chewing gum, but at least all the teenagers crying about how they were going to slash their wrists because their boyfriend of two months left them were INSIDE. Far away from me.

I nursed my malibu and coke. Some 40 something year old guy with a beer belly and an odour that english cannot describe, bleughughcahempftttthhhhh is the only thing that comes to mind. He looked at me and said

"Pretty young girls like you shouldn't be drinking"

Instant flashback of my day 

I got up at 7am. I got the kids up, I fed them, I dressed them, all three under five. I played with them, I took them to the park, I paid the bills, I brought them back, I gave them lunch, I put them in bed, I cleaned the house, I got them up, I played with them, I gave them dinner, I bathed them, brushed their teeth, I put them in PJs, read them a story each, I cuddled them, I argued with the ex about why I needed one night out a week and why he should "babysit" his own kids, I walked to the pub, I got hassled at the bar by an unsavoury guy, I walked outside, for the first time that day I sat down, this guy came and chose to sit by me, just to give me that wonderful little pearl of wisdom.

So I hit him.

I got barred from the pub, but I worked my ass off all day, and I finally got that drink.

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