I'm new to everything. While I've read all related material to newbies and researched the basic criteria of 'good' noding, I still got one of my nodes killed about two days ago. Various violent feedback I got on it (via private chatterbox messages or node replies) said that I was acting 'homophobic' or 'typically male'. This isn't an attempt to whine or argue the outcome of that node. I thought about it and realized that my choice of phrasing and idea formulation was hella bad and immaturely concieved. It was my fault that I was running late to watch the simpsons with a pretty girl from my neighborhood, and should have really re-read that node before submitting. That node turned out to be horrible and mean instead of funny and rant-like. I've learned my lesson and take E2 a lot more seriously, but one thing still lingers about the whole experience.

One noder attacked me personally and not the content of the node. I felt a bit taken back at that. From one bad node I had written he/she had made a quick and final assumption about the kind of person I probably was in meatspace. They felt at liberty to leave a rather hateful/rascist remark for me as a private chatterbox message attack. I thought to myself, "Wow, if this guy knew where I lived he'd probably fly down to NY, take a taxi to Queens, and firebomb my home. Maybe even kick my puppy on his way back to the taxi. Dang."

Listen. I can readily accept any/all criticisms of my work. Sometimes you all are nice enough to form it into an intelligent/helpful reply node or maybe a peaceful chatterbox message. Others may enjoy the other route of angry, incomprehensible formations of words involving me, my nodes, and crap falling from the sky to hit me in the eyes. Whatever, to each his own. I'd like to see the NODE attacked,criticized, or slandered and not the person who wrote it. Maybe I'm not the only one in this nice place who may have been in a similar situation during their node career. For them and me I now offer a solution.

Following this message, I've included a generic template to be copy/pasted as an apology to anyone you might have accidentally dissed/pissed off. Notice my use of the word 'accidentally'. This message probably won't have much of a sincerity factor if you're a mean, intentional sonofabitch who thrives on the shortcomings of our society. If that noder who felt the need to say what he said to me is reading this, please... I'm sorry about the shitty node. Don't fly to NY and firebomb my house and kick my puppy, ok? Lets watch the simpsons together and share doritos instead.

Dear (insert name of angry noder here),

Hello, my name is (insert nickname here) and I recently pissed the shit out of you with my (insert node title here) node I recently submitted to E2. While I may or may not agree with how you felt about it, I'd like to assure you that I'm a nice person in real life. Maybe if you could user search me and read some other nodes I've written, you might realize how this one node you hate was an isolated incident of just ONE BAD NODE. Again, I am a nice person. I own a pet (insert brand of home animal here) named (insert your dumb pet name here) who loves me and wakes me up with sloppy animal kisses every morning. Children smile and wave to me in suburban and city parks. Old people want me to marry their single daughters.

I tell you all this because I have a feeling you made a decision about me and my character when you read that node. Don't do that. I contribute to E2 with the BEST of intentions. I understand the potential of good this database can offer my fellow noders. I spend at least twenty minutes to an hour on everything I write. I proofread, too. Although not so well. So I do put some sincere thought into my nodes, ok?

This message is sent to you in good faith and with the best of intentions. It is also an attempt at alleviating any intentions you might have to firebomb my house and/or kick my little (insert animal pet name here) in the face.

Regards, (insert nickname here)

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