To most, these two statement would not be at all necessarily linked.

After all, it's natural for cats to be assholes, of a sort. They all, without fail, know for a fact that they are the incarnate center of the universe, and that we are merely their pets, and exist to make their lives better.

Whether as scratching posts or food providers.

They also (though I often meet disagreement on this) make wonderful familiars. You simply have to show them who's boss when it comes to the spell slinging.

Perhaps then (one comes to wonder) this absence of ice cream within the familial region of my home, in fact comes as some manner of come-uppance for throwing my thaumaturgical weight around. Come what may. Come often.

Nevertheless...I found out fairly early on that cats have a fascination with Tea.

Preferably high tea. The. Via England. As if the essence of all that is cat got it's lines crossed with the tea gestalt of the British Isles, and found something of it's own demanding nature there.

Thus, they delight in serving...well, delight may be a strong word. Still, I have yet to have trouble. Mind, I can never get the same flavor or style twice. But variety is the orange mandarin spice tea of life, as they say.

But still, no ice cream. Scry as I might, I cannot find it. If this keeps up, I shall having nothing left but to snack on that absolutely beastly fruitcake they fixed up for tea three months ag...

I am aghast. I am undone. I am doomed to feast on fruitcake.

It's true. My cats are assholes.

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