Congrats on your new appointment to the world of Information Technology. You're on your way to fame, fortune, riches, and myopic monitor-eyes. Now you want to fit in at the workplace, to show your associate employee contemporaries that you belong in this line of work. But what to wear, what to wear? It's not like they have fashion shows for l33t coderz - "ooh, look at Bob in his swanky slacks pounding away at his Microsoft Natural Keyboard", no that doesn't happen. Hey, are you starting to panic? Chill out. Just pick one of the following programmer stereotypes and you'll be home free.

The GNU Wave Ubernerd UNIX Coder

Mid-1980's Blue Suited IBM Systems Analyst

New Economy Hip and 'With It' e-Business Legit Script Kiddie

Now you're a coder, babe. Dress the part.

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