Very little is known about this party, such as who their candidate is, which state they're based in or what form of medication they're on. But I know this - I'd vote for them.

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Our Story

Welcome to the Official Free Pony and Ice Cream Political Party Page. As a political party, we expect to create a large following, due primarily to the two promises that we will put forth on the campaign trail. If our candidate is elected (we have yet to choose a candidate, however don't be surprised if you see a parakeet named Gigi on the ballot, or a cantaloup named Banjo we will immediately deliver one pony to every family in the nation (size and color at our discretion). 93% of the ponies will be well bred and of good temperament. We will also supply ice cream to every family on the third Friday of each month (ice milk and fat free will also be available). The ice cream will be delivered in cartons and it will always be fresh and tasty. With the exception of these two distribution programs all other elements of government will be eliminated. With the presence of ice cream and ponies we see no need for these other organizations.

The Facts

Scientific research has shown that ice cream and ponies are loved by millions. Class warfare and racial strife would be tremendously decreased by the simple satisfaction most Americans would receive from our two programs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We do not promise you satisfaction, it's guaranteed! If you do not receive eternal joy and happiness from our new policies you will immediately be deported, guaranteed!

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