Down on Madison Avenue, in what is known as midtown Memphis. It's about halfway between Overton Park and Sun Studios. Of all the bars in all the world in which I've ever been a regular, I'll remember Huey's as the best of the bunch.

It was run by the guy who had been the drummer for the Box Tops when they put out My Baby Wrote Me A Letter. As much as I hate that song, I loved his hamburgers.

It is your normal bar with a long row of stools where the drinkers drink and some tables behind where the diners dine. And most of them are eating those Huey hamburgers and those huge onion rings.

Back then, I was more into the drinking. I was also into the pinball for money in the game room for a while, but those are not such fond memories. It's the only real gambling addiction I've ever had, and I didn't particularly like that version of myself while that was going on.

On Sunday afternoons, the big glass windows that overlooked Madison Avenue would be removed (if the weather permitted, of course) and the local jazz band would play. "The Midtown Jazz Mobile," if I remember correctly. Sunday afternoon, alcohol and jazz. That was living; that was really living.

Of course, now Huey's is some sort of conglomerate with branches all over the city. I suppose the goal is to franchise the deal. But the original is still there on Madison Avenue and I'd recommend the burger if you're ever in town.

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