One of the most bizarre cities of all in Tennessee and the Bible Belt. Home of the blues, birthplace of rock n' roll (if you believe the old New Daisy tagline). City of love as according to Pokey. Elvis Presley, Kathy Bates, Alex Chilton, Rufus Thomas, Cybill Shepherd, Al Green, Wink Martindale, Issac Hayes...all residents past and present.

Prime spot to get some damn good barbeque, or any kind of food for that matter. Memphians know and love their beers too. Spot where Jim Jarmusch filmed the awesome Mystery Train. Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones was recorded here. So was Pleased to Meet Me by The Replacements. And so was Washing Machine by Sonic Youth.

I like my home. Sometimes.

Memphis is also, from my perspective, the most ghetto city around, beating even Chicago. Gold teeth and (until far too recently) gheri curls all over the place. A dude in college told me that Memphis was an acronym which stood for Making easy money pimping hoes in style. But the barbecue is the bomb.

I find it funny that robwicks mentions Chicago and Memphis as two of the most ghetto cities around. As Chicago was the Microsoft internal codename for Windows 95, Memphis was the codename for Windows 98.

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