A piece of graffiti in Memphis located on Poplar Ave. east of Danny Thomas Blvd., next to the Memphis Men's Union Mission. The graffiti iself was drawn on the side of an abandoned liquor store. It was first noticed in March of 1998 when a number of people wrote in a category for Best Graffito in The Memphis Flyer's Annual Best of Memphis.

You know, we used to have a best graffiti category, but no one ever got the hang of it. People voted for places but didn’t tell us the graffiti they had in mind. They voted for graffiti but didn’t tell us where it was. A real mess. Sadly, it created a situation in which “Superman Dam Fool” couldn’t possibly win – which, we admit, was the whole point of the category. Satisfaction at last.
Since then, it's been archived for the ages at Memphis Mojo. The page, with accompanying picture is at http://www.memphismojo.com/places/downtown/see/superdam.html.

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