For this recreational activity, you will need:

  • a frisbee (or aerobie)
  • a working arm
  • a partner (be it human or canine), optional
  • a wide open space, optional
Directions (right-handed):
  1. Stand with the right side of the body facing the general direction in which the frisbee should be thrown. The head should be facing right.
  2. With the right hand, pinch the frisbee firmly between index finger and thumb. The rim of the disc should almost be cupped by the palm. The other fingers should be squeezed together to form a loose fist for more comfort.
  3. Bring frisbee (in-hand) to the region between the left ear and left shoulder, away from the neck.
  4. Raise right elbow so that the arm is even with the ground. This will ensure that the disc will not fly skyward nor run straight into the earth.
  5. Aim with the elbow.
  6. Keeping the wrist firm, extend right arm, unbending the elbow.
  7. Release.
  • Generally, if a frisbee is thrown into the wind, it will travel shorter distances. Furthermore, depending on the angle, any tilt it may have at its release will be accentuated, often sending the disc high into the sky. Throwing into the wind requires adjustments to be made to how the disc is thrown to compensate for all this and should be executed by the more advanced.
  • At the release, if the wrist is not firm, the frisbee may not go on its intended path. Try not to flick the wrist at the end of the throw as that will provide another angle from which the disc will originate. The throw should be one motion that the arm makes, culminating in the letting go of the fingers at the end.
  • Depending on how much power is put into the throw, the speed of the disc as it sails through the air is affected. If there isn't that much power in the swing, the disc will fly slowly, making it vulnerable to the influence of the wind. An aggressive throw will most often result in an uncontrolled and sloppy lob, potentially flying entirely too high to be of any recreational use.

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