No, this is not a write up detailing how to get the woman in the White Snake video naked. The metal models I am talking about are miniatures like those used in Warhammer 40k, Dungeons and Dragons and other such games. Sometimes, you will want to go back and redo one of your earlier painting attempts, mess up and spray too much primer on the figure or are just unhappy with how it ended up. If you find yourself in this situation, there is still hope. By following these steps, you can strip the paint off the model and start over again.

What you will need:

First, remove the plastic base. The Pine-Sol will react with the plastic and may cause it to melt, become soft, or dissolve. It should be relatively easy to break the bonds of the Superglue holding the plastic to the metal by hand. Just set it aside in a place you can easily find it later on.

Second, fill the bowl with the Pine-Sol and submerge the models in it. You can do several models in the same bowl, Pine-Sol is strong stuff. Carefully place the bowl outside on your porch or patio, if you are like me then your sinuses will thank you for getting the substance outside the house. Allow the models to soak for at least two days.

Next, after the two days are up, pick the models out one at a time and run them under warm water while scrubbing them with the toothbrush. The Pine-Sol will have loosened the bond between the paint and the metal and the brush will allow you to easily remove the paint. Paint will probably still remain in the deeper crevices of the figure, but enough should be removed to allow you to re-prime the model without any drawbacks.

Make sure the clean the bowl thoroughly before using it for other purposes. This method works fine for metal models but should not be used on plastic models because the Pine-Sol will cause them harm. I have been told that Castrol grease cutting formula will not harm plastic, but I have never done this myself.

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