Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for your actions upon reading this node whatsoever. The Coca-Cola company may choose to prosecute you, and at the very least will kick you out of the factory if you are caught doing this. Not to mention that Atlanta is loaded with public surveillance cameras, even on the street corners. So in other words, Don’t Do This.

Now, there’s this huge multinational corporation that has a “factory” in Atlanta, Georgia, which is really just a huge building full of corporate art with a nice international soda fountain at the end. If you are anything like me, you will want to skip straight to the end, and drink the wicked-ass ginger soda. Furthermore, you do not want to pay to get in. Maybe you don’t want to fund a company that uses Colombian laborers who are unwilling to work yet forced to do so at gunpoint. Maybe you are a cheap bastard such as myself. Either way, you need a plan.

When you enter the facility, you will see a cash register in front of you, an elevator down the hall to your right, and a gift shop. Go to the gift shop. If any of the security people hassle you, say that you are waiting for your friends, or your parents, to arrive with some money for tickets. You can avoid the whole security problem by waiting until a large number of people are leaving the gift shop, usually a tour group of some kind.

At the very end of the gift shop you will see a staircase leading upwards. Make sure no one is watching you and go up it. This should lead you directly to the international soda fountain. Be careful, though, as there is at least one security goon in this room. Again, it is helpful to wait for a large group. If security asks you what you are doing, say that you left your wallet, child, etc. in the other room. Go there, and then return with another tour group.

Now you can finally enjoy the international sodas. Take a swig of the ginger soda for me, and stay away from the Italian. Leave with the next tour group, content in the knowledge that you screwed the Coca-Cola company out of some moderately expensive sugar water. If you leave with a hip flask full of ginger soda, more power to you.

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