Today I should finally move house. This has taken over 6 weeks to sort out. 'Not long', you say? Well this is rented property, and I'm so impulsive I found the place I liked 2 days after starting looking. The rest of the time was spent with the sorts of kafka-esque bureaucracy that you would think I was applying for membership of the WTO, not renting a house.
The catalogue of farce and human error that this has entailed seems to be a feature of my house moves, so perhaps others can learn from my mistakes. I only wish I could.

Avoid the following and your move will be as smooth as an estate agent's patter.


That'll do for now, but I'm probably being wildly over-optimistic in thinking I'll get the keys today, so this list will most likely grow. And my ill-founded faith in human nature will shrink further.

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