Call it what you will.
Aesthetic value.

Percieve it as you will.
Fast cars.
Loose women.
High ideals.
3133t Hackers. (I can't belive I just typed that)

It remains a fundamental concept. That which is cool, is cool.
That which is not cool, is not, and might even suck (the antithetical property of cool).

Now, listen carefully. It is of the utmost importance that you perpetuate that which is cool. Even if nobody else thinks it's cool, if you think it is, go ahead and perpetuate it. (Just be aware that you might get punched, depending on how far off the damn beam you are).

Perpetuating that which is cool is more than just keeping the cool alive. It's a marker, a sign, an emblem for all of your aesthetic kin to recognize you by. The moment you perpetuate a cool, and someone recognizes it as such, you have taken one step closer to finding a human being worth talking to, which is a rare thing indeed.

An example:
The precise moment at which I knew, absolutely KNEW, that the lab I am working in in grad school was the right place for me was a week or two ago (just got here), when Jon was came walking through carrying a big, white, flat piece of plastic. I couldn't really see it that well.
"What's that?" I queried.
He held it up.
It was a sign.
It was a motherfucking SIGN.
And this is what it said:

Brain Depository
After 5pm slip brains through slot in door.

I looked at him and said:
"Abby someone."

And he began to laugh. Oh yes. It's a damn fine lab.

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