Lagwagon's breakthrough album. Hoss recently broke the 100,000 mark, and was Lagwagon's first recording to showcase some serious post production. It was released in 1995. The track 'sleep' made it on the Fat Wreck Chords compilation 'Survival of the Fattest' in 1996.

This album is widely considered a favorite by those who liked the melodic stuff on Duh and Trashed, though Hoss does have a few songs reminiscent of their earlier, more hardcore style.

'Sleep', 'Kids Don't Like to Share', and 'Razor Burn' still remain on Lagwagon's set list as of 2001.

Lagwagon progresses this style with their 1997 release 'Double Plaidinum', and again in their excellent 1998 release, 'Let's Talk About Feelings'.

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