This topic may extend into many territories, but for the sake of being brief shall deal primarily with the importance of being straightforward and honest early in relationships.

For instance, when "hunting" for the next special someone in one's life the advice most of one's friends and relatives will adhere to is "Be yourself". With this in mind, let this writing advise everyone to Be his-/herself. At first this may sound confusing but upon closer inspection may be the missing link in many an unsuccessful pairing. If a certain guy thinks toilet humor is the funniest form of entertainment, should he be searching for a female who thinks the contrary? Not if he's looking for a solid foundation in a relationship. So why, of all things, would this guy choose to avoid this part of his being (especially since humor is, in my opinion, the best topic of discussion when meeting someone for the first time)? Maybe he thinks, "No girls like that sort of thing," or, "That's not really a good topic to discuss if I want her to like me." But, if this is something that this guy is really into, would he want to date someone who didn't find humor in the same things he does? Chances are the relationship wouldn't last very long.

Or perhaps a different guy enjoys playing video games. In a conversation with a potential date, he brings up the subject. If the girl rejects him, is it really a loss? Too many guys (myself included) hate these kinds of rejections simply because it makes them feel perhaps nerdy, unsociable, or whatever.

Ultimately it boils down to this: If the girl he's talking to doesn't like the same things he does, what kind of relationship could possibly be held between the two? None.

The only way this doesn't apply is if both parties are looking for a one night stand or some-such meaningless physical fling. Shame on those that fit this category.

My question is why NOT be honest in relationships? If you are looking for someone in life that loves you for who you are what is lying going to get you? And if your action causes a perceived negative reaction in them then you can evaluate your stance or action and decide if it is something that you want to continue to make you.

Nothing about myself is written in stone. I have changed so many views that I thought were explicitly me that my mind is probably unreliable in the long run. I want to stay in constant evolution. My Problem Solving class teacher Joe DeGrado (whom I miss dearly and love the same) once said that people were like clay and that the "older" you get the harder the clay is, till it gets to the point that it is rigid and unmoveable. He stated that the secret to youth is to constantly add water and stay soft and supple in your being.

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