'Homebody' is an Americanism first appearing in the early 1800s. It means, simply, a person who prefers to stay at home, or, more generally, does not like to travel. It is less severe than shut-in, simply meaning that one prefers the comforts of home to being out-and-about. It does not give any particular judgement on a person's interest in social interaction, although it is sometimes confused with introvert. It may sometimes suggest that a person is a bit boring, although it is just as often used in a positive sense.

How funny that the traditional positions are reversed

you to be the homebody
while I go out to fight

I am still struggling with what you have chosen

say yes to everything

because so much of the time you don't answer

I take that as a brush off, you know
you don't want to hear it
you don't want to discuss it

you have your interests

I am interested in everything

but particularly people
what makes them tick

and discrimination
which makes me want to wade in
with my sword
and carve people into mincemeat

perhaps I am to learn patience from you

perhaps this is a respite

perhaps this is a safe place to retreat

you have been fighting for a long time
I am glad that you have laid down your sword
and are finding rest

though sometimes I think you are missing things
withdrawn from the present world

I see that you seem happy in the past

I am trying to accept that

meanwhile, I am well enough

to pick my sword back up

and wade in.

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