Originally from China, this egg noodle actually is usually associated with Malaysia where it finds its place on hawkers' dishes. It's yellow, usually sold fresh or vacuum packed, and watch to make sure it isn't too yellow. That's more likely to be dye than egg.

To Cook: Place in a bowl, pour boiling water over them to cover, let sit for 30 seconds to a minute. Use in soups and stir-fry.
In Singapore, and probably in Malaysia too, "hokkien noodles" are stir-fried with lard, beansprouts, prawns, slices of squid and lean pork, and vegetables. They are also known as "fried prawn noodles".

The dish is commonly served with a lime to be squeezed for the juice to flavour the dish, and with plenty of sambal or belachan chili.

Tip: For maximum flavour, a generous use of garlic and lard is the best, however fattening it may be.

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