Korean Hangul may be considered a syllabic script. As opposed to many other syllabic scripts, the syllables are formed from a set of alphabetic components in a regular fashion. These alphabetic components are called jamo.

The Unicode standard contains both the complete set of precomposed modern Hangul syllable blocks and the set of conjoining Hangul jamo in this block. This set of conjoining Hangul jamo can be used to encode all ancient and modern syllable blocks.

See also Conjoining Jamo Behavior, Hangul Compatibility Jamo and Hangul Syllables

The Hangul jamo are divided into three classes: choseong (Leading consonants), jungseong (Vowels) and jongseong (Trailing consonants) which in the rest of this write-up will be referred to as L, V and T.

A standard Hangul syllable is composed as (L+V+T*) which is to say, one or more L, followed by one or more V followed by zero or more T. When parsing arbirtary jamo, grab the largest possible (L*V*T*) or (X+) and call it a syllable (X is any non-jamo).

For use in composition, two invisible filler characters act as placeholders for L or V : U+115F    Hangul choseong filler   and U+1160    Hangul jungseong filler. Use these to transform nonstandard syllables into standard ones.

The collation unit in Korean is generally the Hangul syllable block. The codes for the conjoining jamo are arranged such that a binary comparison of the jamo does the right thing.

Unicode's Hangul Jamo code block reserves the 256 code points from U+1100 to U+11FF, of which 240 are currently assigned.

Georgian <-- Hangul Jamo --> Ethiopic
The aliases in this block represent the Jamo short names.

All the characters in this code block were added in Unicode 1.1

All the characters in this code block are in general category Letter, Other Lo

All the characters in this code block are in bidirectional category Left To Right L

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.


Hangul Jamo

     Initial consonants

U+1100   ᄀ   Hangul choseong kiyeok
aka g
U+1101   ᄁ   Hangul choseong ssangkiyeok
aka gg
U+1102   ᄂ   Hangul choseong nieun
aka n
U+1103   ᄃ   Hangul choseong tikeut
aka d
U+1104   ᄄ   Hangul choseong ssangtikeut
aka dd
U+1105   ᄅ   Hangul choseong rieul
aka r
U+1106   ᄆ   Hangul choseong mieum
aka m
U+1107   ᄇ   Hangul choseong pieup
aka b
U+1108   ᄈ   Hangul choseong ssangpieup
aka bb
U+1109   ᄉ   Hangul choseong sios
aka s
U+110A   ᄊ   Hangul choseong ssangsios
aka ss
U+110B   ᄋ   Hangul choseong ieung
U+110C   ᄌ   Hangul choseong cieuc
aka j
U+110D   ᄍ   Hangul choseong ssangcieuc
aka jj
U+110E   ᄎ   Hangul choseong chieuch
aka c
U+110F   ᄏ   Hangul choseong khieukh
aka k
U+1110   ᄐ   Hangul choseong thieuth
aka t
U+1111   ᄑ   Hangul choseong phieuph
aka p
U+1112   ᄒ   Hangul choseong hieuh
aka h
U+1113   ᄓ   Hangul choseong nieun kiyeok
U+1114   ᄔ   Hangul choseong ssangnieun
U+1115   ᄕ   Hangul choseong nieun tikeut
U+1116   ᄖ   Hangul choseong nieun pieup
U+1117   ᄗ   Hangul choseong tikeut kiyeok
U+1118   ᄘ   Hangul choseong rieul nieun
U+1119   ᄙ   Hangul choseong ssangrieul
U+111A   ᄚ   Hangul choseong rieul hieuh
U+111B   ᄛ   Hangul choseong kapyeounrieul
U+111C   ᄜ   Hangul choseong mieum pieup
U+111D   ᄝ   Hangul choseong kapyeounmieum
U+111E   ᄞ   Hangul choseong pieup kiyeok
U+111F   ᄟ   Hangul choseong pieup nieun
U+1120   ᄠ   Hangul choseong pieup tikeut
U+1121   ᄡ   Hangul choseong pieup sios
U+1122   ᄢ   Hangul choseong pieup sios kiyeok
U+1123   ᄣ   Hangul choseong pieup sios tikeut
U+1124   ᄤ   Hangul choseong pieup sios pieup
U+1125   ᄥ   Hangul choseong pieup ssangsios
U+1126   ᄦ   Hangul choseong pieup sios cieuc
U+1127   ᄧ   Hangul choseong pieup cieuc
U+1128   ᄨ   Hangul choseong pieup chieuch
U+1129   ᄩ   Hangul choseong pieup thieuth
U+112A   ᄪ   Hangul choseong pieup phieuph
U+112B   ᄫ   Hangul choseong kapyeounpieup
U+112C   ᄬ   Hangul choseong kapyeounssangpieup
U+112D   ᄭ   Hangul choseong sios kiyeok
U+112E   ᄮ   Hangul choseong sios nieun
U+112F   ᄯ   Hangul choseong sios tikeut
U+1130   ᄰ   Hangul choseong sios rieul
U+1131   ᄱ   Hangul choseong sios mieum
U+1132   ᄲ   Hangul choseong sios pieup
U+1133   ᄳ   Hangul choseong sios pieup kiyeok
U+1134   ᄴ   Hangul choseong sios ssangsios
U+1135   ᄵ   Hangul choseong sios ieung
U+1136   ᄶ   Hangul choseong sios cieuc
U+1137   ᄷ   Hangul choseong sios chieuch
U+1138   ᄸ   Hangul choseong sios khieukh
U+1139   ᄹ   Hangul choseong sios thieuth
U+113A   ᄺ   Hangul choseong sios phieuph
U+113B   ᄻ   Hangul choseong sios hieuh
U+113C   ᄼ   Hangul choseong chitueumsios
U+113D   ᄽ   Hangul choseong chitueumssangsios
U+113E   ᄾ   Hangul choseong ceongchieumsios
U+113F   ᄿ   Hangul choseong ceongchieumssangsios
U+1140   ᅀ   Hangul choseong pansios
U+1141   ᅁ   Hangul choseong ieung kiyeok
U+1142   ᅂ   Hangul choseong ieung tikeut
U+1143   ᅃ   Hangul choseong ieung mieum
U+1144   ᅄ   Hangul choseong ieung pieup
U+1145   ᅅ   Hangul choseong ieung sios
U+1146   ᅆ   Hangul choseong ieung pansios
U+1147   ᅇ   Hangul choseong ssangieung
U+1148   ᅈ   Hangul choseong ieung cieuc
U+1149   ᅉ   Hangul choseong ieung chieuch
U+114A   ᅊ   Hangul choseong ieung thieuth
U+114B   ᅋ   Hangul choseong ieung phieuph
U+114C   ᅌ   Hangul choseong yesieung
U+114D   ᅍ   Hangul choseong cieuc ieung
U+114E   ᅎ   Hangul choseong chitueumcieuc
U+114F   ᅏ   Hangul choseong chitueumssangcieuc
U+1150   ᅐ   Hangul choseong ceongchieumcieuc
U+1151   ᅑ   Hangul choseong ceongchieumssangcieuc
U+1152   ᅒ   Hangul choseong chieuch khieukh
U+1153   ᅓ   Hangul choseong chieuch hieuh
U+1154   ᅔ   Hangul choseong chitueumchieuch
U+1155   ᅕ   Hangul choseong ceongchieumchieuch
U+1156   ᅖ   Hangul choseong phieuph pieup
U+1157   ᅗ   Hangul choseong kapyeounphieuph
U+1158   ᅘ   Hangul choseong ssanghieuh
U+1159   ᅙ   Hangul choseong yeorinhieuh
U+115F   ᅟ   Hangul choseong filler

     Medial vowels

U+1160   ᅠ   Hangul jungseong filler
U+1161   ᅡ   Hangul jungseong a
aka a
U+1162   ᅢ   Hangul jungseong ae
aka ae
U+1163   ᅣ   Hangul jungseong ya
aka ya
U+1164   ᅤ   Hangul jungseong yae
aka yae
U+1165   ᅥ   Hangul jungseong eo
aka eo
U+1166   ᅦ   Hangul jungseong e
aka e
U+1167   ᅧ   Hangul jungseong yeo
aka yeo
U+1168   ᅨ   Hangul jungseong ye
aka ye
U+1169   ᅩ   Hangul jungseong o
aka o
U+116A   ᅪ   Hangul jungseong wa
aka wa
U+116B   ᅫ   Hangul jungseong wae
aka wae
U+116C   ᅬ   Hangul jungseong oe
aka oe
U+116D   ᅭ   Hangul jungseong yo
aka yo
U+116E   ᅮ   Hangul jungseong u
aka u
U+116F   ᅯ   Hangul jungseong weo
aka weo
U+1170   ᅰ   Hangul jungseong we
aka we
U+1171   ᅱ   Hangul jungseong wi
aka wi
U+1172   ᅲ   Hangul jungseong yu
aka yu
U+1173   ᅳ   Hangul jungseong eu
aka eu
U+1174   ᅴ   Hangul jungseong Yi
aka Yi
U+1175   ᅵ   Hangul jungseong i
aka i
U+1176   ᅶ   Hangul jungseong a o
U+1177   ᅷ   Hangul jungseong a u
U+1178   ᅸ   Hangul jungseong ya o
U+1179   ᅹ   Hangul jungseong ya yo
U+117A   ᅺ   Hangul jungseong eo o
U+117B   ᅻ   Hangul jungseong eo u
U+117C   ᅼ   Hangul jungseong eo eu
U+117D   ᅽ   Hangul jungseong yeo o
U+117E   ᅾ   Hangul jungseong yeo u
U+117F   ᅿ   Hangul jungseong o eo
U+1180   ᆀ   Hangul jungseong o e
U+1181   ᆁ   Hangul jungseong o ye
U+1182   ᆂ   Hangul jungseong o o
U+1183   ᆃ   Hangul jungseong o u
U+1184   ᆄ   Hangul jungseong yo ya
U+1185   ᆅ   Hangul jungseong yo yae
U+1186   ᆆ   Hangul jungseong yo yeo
U+1187   ᆇ   Hangul jungseong yo o
U+1188   ᆈ   Hangul jungseong yo i
U+1189   ᆉ   Hangul jungseong u a
U+118A   ᆊ   Hangul jungseong u ae
U+118B   ᆋ   Hangul jungseong u eo eu
U+118C   ᆌ   Hangul jungseong u ye
U+118D   ᆍ   Hangul jungseong u u
U+118E   ᆎ   Hangul jungseong yu a
U+118F   ᆏ   Hangul jungseong yu eo
U+1190   ᆐ   Hangul jungseong yu e
U+1191   ᆑ   Hangul jungseong yu yeo
U+1192   ᆒ   Hangul jungseong yu ye
U+1193   ᆓ   Hangul jungseong yu u
U+1194   ᆔ   Hangul jungseong yu i
U+1195   ᆕ   Hangul jungseong eu u
U+1196   ᆖ   Hangul jungseong eu eu
U+1197   ᆗ   Hangul jungseong Yi u
U+1198   ᆘ   Hangul jungseong i a
U+1199   ᆙ   Hangul jungseong i ya
U+119A   ᆚ   Hangul jungseong i o
U+119B   ᆛ   Hangul jungseong i u
U+119C   ᆜ   Hangul jungseong i eu
U+119D   ᆝ   Hangul jungseong i araea
U+119E   ᆞ   Hangul jungseong araea
U+119F   ᆟ   Hangul jungseong araea eo
U+11A0   ᆠ   Hangul jungseong araea u
U+11A1   ᆡ   Hangul jungseong araea i
U+11A2   ᆢ   Hangul jungseong ssangaraea

     Final consonants

U+11A8   ᆨ   Hangul jongseong kiyeok
aka g
U+11A9   ᆩ   Hangul jongseong ssangkiyeok
aka gg
U+11AA   ᆪ   Hangul jongseong kiyeok sios
aka gs
U+11AB   ᆫ   Hangul jongseong nieun
aka n
U+11AC   ᆬ   Hangul jongseong nieun cieuc
aka nj
U+11AD   ᆭ   Hangul jongseong nieun hieuh
aka nh
U+11AE   ᆮ   Hangul jongseong tikeut
aka d
U+11AF   ᆯ   Hangul jongseong rieul
aka l
U+11B0   ᆰ   Hangul jongseong rieul kiyeok
aka lg
U+11B1   ᆱ   Hangul jongseong rieul mieum
aka lm
U+11B2   ᆲ   Hangul jongseong rieul pieup
aka lb
U+11B3   ᆳ   Hangul jongseong rieul sios
aka ls
U+11B4   ᆴ   Hangul jongseong rieul thieuth
aka lt
U+11B5   ᆵ   Hangul jongseong rieul phieuph
aka lp
U+11B6   ᆶ   Hangul jongseong rieul hieuh
aka lh
U+11B7   ᆷ   Hangul jongseong mieum
aka m
U+11B8   ᆸ   Hangul jongseong pieup
aka b
U+11B9   ᆹ   Hangul jongseong pieup sios
aka bs
U+11BA   ᆺ   Hangul jongseong sios
aka s
U+11BB   ᆻ   Hangul jongseong ssangsios
aka ss
U+11BC   ᆼ   Hangul jongseong ieung
aka ng
U+11BD   ᆽ   Hangul jongseong cieuc
aka j
U+11BE   ᆾ   Hangul jongseong chieuch
aka c
U+11BF   ᆿ   Hangul jongseong khieukh
aka k
U+11C0   ᇀ   Hangul jongseong thieuth
aka t
U+11C1   ᇁ   Hangul jongseong phieuph
aka p
U+11C2   ᇂ   Hangul jongseong hieuh
aka h
U+11C3   ᇃ   Hangul jongseong kiyeok rieul
U+11C4   ᇄ   Hangul jongseong kiyeok sios kiyeok
U+11C5   ᇅ   Hangul jongseong nieun kiyeok
U+11C6   ᇆ   Hangul jongseong nieun tikeut
U+11C7   ᇇ   Hangul jongseong nieun sios
U+11C8   ᇈ   Hangul jongseong nieun pansios
U+11C9   ᇉ   Hangul jongseong nieun thieuth
U+11CA   ᇊ   Hangul jongseong tikeut kiyeok
U+11CB   ᇋ   Hangul jongseong tikeut rieul
U+11CC   ᇌ   Hangul jongseong rieul kiyeok sios
U+11CD   ᇍ   Hangul jongseong rieul nieun
U+11CE   ᇎ   Hangul jongseong rieul tikeut
U+11CF   ᇏ   Hangul jongseong rieul tikeut hieuh
U+11D0   ᇐ   Hangul jongseong ssangrieul
U+11D1   ᇑ   Hangul jongseong rieul mieum kiyeok
U+11D2   ᇒ   Hangul jongseong rieul mieum sios
U+11D3   ᇓ   Hangul jongseong rieul pieup sios
U+11D4   ᇔ   Hangul jongseong rieul pieup hieuh
U+11D5   ᇕ   Hangul jongseong rieul kapyeounpieup
U+11D6   ᇖ   Hangul jongseong rieul ssangsios
U+11D7   ᇗ   Hangul jongseong rieul pansios
U+11D8   ᇘ   Hangul jongseong rieul khieukh
U+11D9   ᇙ   Hangul jongseong rieul yeorinhieuh
U+11DA   ᇚ   Hangul jongseong mieum kiyeok
U+11DB   ᇛ   Hangul jongseong mieum rieul
U+11DC   ᇜ   Hangul jongseong mieum pieup
U+11DD   ᇝ   Hangul jongseong mieum sios
U+11DE   ᇞ   Hangul jongseong mieum ssangsios
U+11DF   ᇟ   Hangul jongseong mieum pansios
U+11E0   ᇠ   Hangul jongseong mieum chieuch
U+11E1   ᇡ   Hangul jongseong mieum hieuh
U+11E2   ᇢ   Hangul jongseong kapyeounmieum
U+11E3   ᇣ   Hangul jongseong pieup rieul
U+11E4   ᇤ   Hangul jongseong pieup phieuph
U+11E5   ᇥ   Hangul jongseong pieup hieuh
U+11E6   ᇦ   Hangul jongseong kapyeounpieup
U+11E7   ᇧ   Hangul jongseong sios kiyeok
U+11E8   ᇨ   Hangul jongseong sios tikeut
U+11E9   ᇩ   Hangul jongseong sios rieul
U+11EA   ᇪ   Hangul jongseong sios pieup
U+11EB   ᇫ   Hangul jongseong pansios
U+11EC   ᇬ   Hangul jongseong ieung kiyeok
aka yesieung-kiyeok
U+11ED   ᇭ   Hangul jongseong ieung ssangkiyeok
aka yesieung-ssangkiyeok
U+11EE   ᇮ   Hangul jongseong ssangieung
aka ssangyesieung
U+11EF   ᇯ   Hangul jongseong ieung khieukh
aka yesieung-khieukh
U+11F0   ᇰ   Hangul jongseong yesieung
U+11F1   ᇱ   Hangul jongseong yesieung sios
U+11F2   ᇲ   Hangul jongseong yesieung pansios
U+11F3   ᇳ   Hangul jongseong phieuph pieup
U+11F4   ᇴ   Hangul jongseong kapyeounphieuph
U+11F5   ᇵ   Hangul jongseong hieuh nieun
U+11F6   ᇶ   Hangul jongseong hieuh rieul
U+11F7   ᇷ   Hangul jongseong hieuh mieum
U+11F8   ᇸ   Hangul jongseong hieuh pieup
U+11F9   ᇹ   Hangul jongseong yeorinhieuh

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