A very hard flatland skateboarding trick. This is the second hardest Kasper you can do. First learn how to do the Kasper, and its also probably best to learn the Nose Kasper too, whether or not you plan to do a Half-flip Nose Kasper or not.

You'll need a lot of height for this, so it is best done with quite a bit of speed (unless you have a nice and big stationary ollie). Ollie with your feet in the kickflip position (see kickflip). Start the kickflip early. Once you reach almost your full height you should have made a full kickflip, do not catch it. Let it do another half-flip (by this time you should be on your way back down). Catch it with your back foot on the tail and get your front one in under the middle of the board as you would with a Kasper.

Since you've just done this with quite a bit of speed, you're going to have a bone jarring landing. It will be quite hard to stay up, but you should get it with a bit of practice. Also, since you have done this with a bit of speed, you should be sliding along the concrete. Not only does this grind away at your board, but it is very hard to balance. Jump and kick your front foot to flip out of it and catch the board once it has done its half-flip as soon as possible.

For a Half-flip Nose Kasper doing the same thing, just employ the method for a Nose Kasper landing instead.

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