Spring is the time when
Animals hump each other
the season of love.

So stupid old me
Has to get a stupid crush
I'm an idiot.

And to make things worse
It is Bethany Seibert
Friends don't fuck, that's that.

So now it's spring time
And I'm a fucking moron,
'Cause I give two shits.
And Asheville seems cold,
Despite the heat and sunny days,
I'm still cold at night.
I'm a silly dope
Smoking cigarettes again,
They make me happy.

Two months of quiting
The worse two months of my life,
But I felt cleaner.

I'm dirty again,
Lonely forever also
That's nothing new, though.

Serene will be home soon,
That is fucking awesome, man
We will play some time.

It's warm in Asheville
I went swimming yesterday
Two bottles of wine.

It's warm in Asheville
The first camping outing of
The new year is soon.

It's warm in Asheville
I love the sun, it's yellow
Winter bad, warmth good.

The spring time is when
Asheville fills up with all kinds
Of dirty hippies.

I'm clean though,
I'm not hippie scum, you see
I just like tofu.

Tofu is so great,
Eating it doesn't make you
A dirty hippie.

I hope you are OK,
Be safe out in the big world,
Dangers surround us.

So I say goodbye,
And peace be with you, Serene
Come home safe and sound.

This is a letter that I wrote (via e-mail) to a very good friend of mine named Serene who I went to high school with who currently attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
The subject of the e-mail was "Celebration of Sun and Sex".

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