An excellent brand of ice cream and sorbets. My favourites are Chocolate Fudge and Red Raspberry Sorbet, especially a half pint of one on top of the other (usually the chocolate on top). Often sold in movie theaters, they also have their own chain of stores.

A dangerous addiction, but easily sated by a trip to either their chain, or to 24-hour convenience stores.

A Canadian ice cream company with a Belgian sounding name that makes highly fattening but extremely tastey ice cream.

To be greatly desired are the Haagen-Dazs cafe's, which are somehow far more common in England than they are in America.

Of greatest memory was coming back to my room at the bed and breakfast during the threatre Interim and stopping at the corner store for Midnight Chocolate Cookie, and munching away at said pint while reading Terry Pratchet novels and hoping that I'd be awake enough for the play the next morning.

The ultimate flavour, which unfortunately seems not to be available in the UK any more, is Pear Choc Fudge Sorbet.

This is an essential purchase whenever I am on the Continent (note to non-European readers: that's what we Brits call mainland Europe). I need a freezer in my car to get the stuff home.

It has to be added that the Häagen-Dazs name does not mean anything. It is not a name in any language (at least not deliberately) or anything. The creators chose that because it sounded cool and European.

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