". . . in their effort to eliminate online plagiarism, the unlicensed use of copyrighted works, and bandwidth robbery . . ."

Grey Day is a website (www.greyday.org) devoted to stopping copyright infringement on the internet. Formed in early to mid 1998, Grey Day has been key in increasing awareness both on and offline about the issues of copyright infringement online.

Perhaps the biggest acheivement Grey Day can claim is the annual Grey Day greyout. Supporters of the Grey Day cause show their complete support for the organization by voluntarily greying out their websites by removing images and all other media. The statement being made by these greyed out sites is this is what the web would look like without creativity, without originality and without control over who takes credit for what and how it is used.

There have been three Grey Days. Starting in 1998 and continuing through October 1st of 2001, every Grey Day boasts thousands of websites ranging from police stations, porn, .coms, .edus, and personal (my site included) sites greying their sites out.

Always crusading for their cause, Grey Day is a very fast growing movement, gaining hundreds of new supported each year. it is only a matter or time before their voice becomes too loud for lawmakers to ignore.

Sources: www.greyday.org

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